This list is from the last decade.  I will make an archival list of the other years.  First poems are precious for what they teach us about past times.   I find it interesting to dig through them, and all of them were in notebooks not on line.

Guest Blogs

‘Aboriginal Women Writers’

Dance for Recovery post card

Dance for Recovery video post

Garden Therapy postcard

Garden Therapy Video

Lost Books postcard

Pam and Joe blog

Quoted on Dance for Recovery

Reference to photography on Dance for Recovery

Remembering Eternity: Book Sculptures for Recovery

Song Trails

The Anchor/ video

Writing Recovery/article

ABC Open Contributions (photos) (photos) (assisted with interviews and sound) (photos) (collaborated on the making of this)

Other Publications

Unity Bell’s Cabin

‘In Search of Words’ , ‘Sunbirds’  ‘Tully Town’ ‘Believe in the Possibility Dream’, (Image and prompts published on Story Game blog prepared for Tropical Writer’s Festival in collaboration with Mick Bromage, Talitha Kaligo and Melissa Robertson, 2010)

‘Girl Child Fairy Dancing’,  ‘Barefoot Running Boy Breathing Freedom’ ‘Hands Believe, Hands Weave’, ‘Sunbird Teacher, Mother Earth Preacher,’  cited in Professor Nell Arnold webinar ‘Breaking the Frame’ GLADES-GEI  , compiled for Foundation for Australian Agricultural Women (June 29th 2010) (accessible previously online, now broken link) Both articles in Ilura Gazette

‘The Grumpy Fisherman,’ Cracks in the Canopy (Tropical Writers, Cairns, September, 2010)

Creative Hats in Cradle Fables E Book 101 ways to foster creativity, Cradle Fables project (2010).

Works in Paulien Bats’ art exhibitions, Holland (2009)

Into Orbit Website – Editor and Site creator (2009)

‘To Blog or Not to Blog, (2009)

Numerous works (aka Gumbootspearlz and pearlz) at and other Soul Food blogs.  Eg:

Ripple Project, Poetry and Photography Wall, and website, (2007)

‘Cargo’ and ‘I want to fly but my wings,’ Writing the Pacific (Ed Jen Webb and Kavita Nandan), (Pacific Writing Forum, 2007)

‘Walking Childhood,’ Etchings 2, Ilura Press, (2007)

‘Tracks’ & photo collages Aboriginal History Journal, Vol 30 (2007)

Works shared during Ripple Project/Exhibited poems, Walking Childhood, Guest of the Earth, Cargo Rain & Larry’s Apology (CRACA art gallery 2007)

‘Larry’s Apology,’ Hinterland, newspaper (2007)

‘Bloggin’ for a writer in community,’ (2006)

‘Soul Lines,’ Multimedia performance of poetry on Tahirih and Martha at Spirit of Women Event, Wollongong, Viva La Gong (2005).

‘Dizzy’ Exhibited in Conversations by Sonja van Kerkhoff, part of the “Muurgedichten” (Wall poems) art project in Leiden, Netherlands, (2005)

‘Cargo’ In 25 Takes, Imaging the Illawarra, Catalogue. Wollongong Gallery, (2004)

‘Children of the Activists’ performed Outskirts Exhibition opening, July, Wollongong, (2004.)

Reading Great Poetry Splurge, Golburn, National Poetry Week (September 2004)

Paid reading at Pacific Wave Festival, Sydney, (2003)

‘Meeting an Anthropologist’  and ‘Black Ducks Fly to the City,’ Pools, Pelicans, and Memories, South Coast Writer’s Anthology (Wollongong, 2003)

‘Black Woman, What a Life’ & Memory Footprints, Participant Arts Installation, Journey Wall, Manuka Gallery, (2002)

‘Tree,’  Sidewalk (ed Kerry Reed Gilbert 2002)

‘ Children of the Activists,’  ‘Black Duck woman’, ‘Literacy Story Class Project’, ‘Memory Tree’ in Talking Ink From Ochre (Ginenderra Press, Canberra, 2001)

‘Renewal on the Track,’ ANU Poet’s Lunch, Millennium Dreaming, (Canberra, 2000.)

Blogs (Blogging since 2006) Some of these works are shared on this blog from time to time.


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