Questions to Music

Ripple Poetry


Have you ever written
unlocking & translating emotions into strings?

Have you adopted metaphors from stories
of a trumpet with his man called Dizzy?

Have you spoken Italian simply because
music taught you so?

Do you make references to songwriters
maybe Bob Dylan & his blowing wind,
or Pink writing to the President?

Have you found music gives poetry power
turns sad words into blue songs where notes bend
& give service to the downtrodden with all their trials?

Have you protested with melodies
enticing your audience to believe, grow & change
& did you stand up for the universal soldier who
needed to be free?

Have you listened to songs of the universe
giving the world purple Princes
& divine guitar riffs . . .

Have you stayed up all night
listening for your special music
to guide you on your way?

Have you asked a million questions

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