Thankyou Note to some of the People who Helped us after Yasi


To Peta for your most comfy chairs

in the first days of being at our new home

and that you’d give them up in an instant

well that’s really special

but we’re glad to return them.

Thanks for being one of our ute angels

along with Lydia, Peter, Craig and Mick

To Tara and family who

took us in for a while

fed us

and housed our pets

sorry that little Peep our bird

went and died at your home.

To the Spokeses who took us in the eye of the storm

and for a day after as we were so stunned

the kids loved playing with the lego.

To the Bakers

who made us laugh and took us in

and were excellent hosts

and Dan who played cricket with our youngest son

And their pet dog who was simply the best!

To Timmsy and family whose kids forged friendships with the kids

they are still friends!

To the Machins and Craig with his chainsaw helping

all people around.

To the kindhearted Dores

who are always welcoming and warm

we loved the neigbours in your

blessed street

and our youngest is raving and hanging out

for some more backyard cricket.

To all the teachers and the Principal at Tully High

who were so caring

it was such a relief

So many counsellors, teacher’s union for looking

after my hubby.

To Lydia, Sal and Pam and other writers

for pushing us on for our anthology launch

To Nell, who said ‘you need to give your

book to the Prince.’

To all those who read and commented on the blog

Carolyn, Jacque, Sally, Karen, Noel, Joanne,Vi and more.

To Anita Heiss for organising a writing sprint

and all those who were there along for the run.

To my facebooking buddies who left messages

jokes and helpful links- there’s too many to list you,

But I know who you are and

you know who you are but thanks especially

To Peace who kept tagging us with useful stuff

Erin, Carolyn, Moala, Jacque, Paulien and Treen for chats

To the people who put together all the care packs

I don’t even know all your names

except you are the people of Lismore, Ballina

and northern River’s District.

To the Cassowary Coast council for all the forums

and hosting the Prince

and for extensions on projects

like RADF ones.

To the librarians, for saving interesting

books for the kids.

To Maxine for the gas stove

we are bringing it back.

To the neighbours who welcomed us to a new street

with warm hugs and chats over the fence.

To the Hawks footy club for sending joy to the kids

the posters have taken pride of place.

For Paulien my friend and all her notes and surprises

hand written snail mail notes so special and caring.

To Omid for coming to visit

and driving stuff from Nancy in Port Douglas

thanks Nancy for the furniture

you are so blessed.

Thanks to the people who let Nancy know

of us.

To Saeed for lending us a generator and giving us love

and inviting us to Kuranda to spend time with his family.

For all those who offered us their home

Julie Mudd, and others who would have taken us


We chose to stay here in our community

as it heals

thanks to my family and my friends, especially my sister in law Tahirih

and brother in law Alan

for all the help that they gave

oh my goodness Tahirih set up a fundraise

and Eva with her kindheart who wanted to lend us

what’s to be her new home.

I must not forget Ben who sent

rescue remedy for the kids..

he’s a naturapath and kind

and cares for people’s health.

To my mother who is always generous

and similarly also did a  fundraise

she will pass on to community

thanks some of the staff at my children’s school

for being extra caring at this time

and recognising our stress

thanks to Bolton Bounds, Thompsons, Appalasamies and Gabriels

and others I can’t remember all the names

because its been such a blur.

But I’m trying

To the SES guys from Weipa you were so kind

even the telstra people who listened to our story.

To our beloved guinea pigs and quail for surviving!

Thanks to all those joining the Hamish and Andy page

I hope they arrive and do a show!!!

Let’s keep going and make

this come true.

Thanks for the chat with Treen that led to

this crazy escapade.

Thanks to all those people who have leant me an ear

and listened to what were the cyclone’s fears.

There will be many more to thank

but this is a start and it comes from my heart.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.


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