Day in the Life of a blogger

so many trees gone...
Me thinking about so many trees gone - self portrait

So what is the typical day in the life of a blogger?  Like all writers bloggers are looking for inspiration.  They may write the day up they have just had, or a special memory day from several weeks ago, or even further back.

I have found a new pattern to my blogging with ABCopen because now I am approaching it in a way that means I have to be briefer, work with only one image, and place relevant links within the post and underneath.

I tend to hurl a draft down quickly and then let it sit for a few days, whilst I think what was the goal of that blog I was writing.  Sometimes the blogs come naturally, easily- and other times I am casting around for an idea that will get to the heart of what the recovery process is like in North Queensland.

The goal is always about resilience, courage and joy, and yet the path to those qualities may be complicated, and have up and down moments.  I want to convey all that but ultimately uplift people to heal even more.

Once a blog is complete – the next phase is ‘conversation’ about the topic of the blog with the public.   Whilst this conversation is going on I am already one, two or even three blog topics ahead.

I am gathering information from life, news, truth, rumour, conversation, photographs and the special way writers and artists have of being in the world.

Every now and then special events come along, but even if they don’t I have to dig deep to find something of relevance to blog. I realise that a lot of journeys we take are internal not just external.  Sometimes you can blog about that.

To follow the journey of recovery and resilience as I blog it, do go and visit the following


There are also some amazing people there, some very new to blogging, who are sharing their experience as well.  I like to visit them to make comments and converse with them about how they are going. Why not do that too!  Bloggers blog to engage in conversations and be part of the world.

(c) June Perkins


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