Announcing Guest Blogging Spot


The light was great for photos today! I found these trees captivating.

Just letting know those of you who visit this blog that I am honoured to be about to begin Guest Blogging for ABC Open. To read more on this gig please go to this link:

ABC Guest Blogging

Apart from that I am doing regular photo posts on tumblr.  Today I started a new song inspired by a post I wrote with a photo that I posted on tumblr.  I am so excited as Queensland Music Festival are running a Song Trails, free workshop in Tully.  I am booked in and ready to go!

I’ve  just begun to use youtube and may share some work there.

It is an exciting time to be learning so many new skills.

I had a lot of fun doing a variety of video shots of my youngest son playing guitar. Close up on hands, close up on face, close up on guitar, wide shot and a walk forward pan in.

It was amusing to my son. He was very cooperative. Not sure how the editing will go yet, but that is the next skill.

Learning really is lifelong!

— June


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