3 ironies in the Yasi recovery process

ifonlyitworked2I have been pursuing the theme of irony. It is ironic that the above bulldozer/tractor, which could be so useful in the clean up after Cyclone Yasi, is useless other than as decoration, and it’s a wonder it didn’t take off during the cyclone!

It is amazing that the motto below survived in the highschool grounds, when the roof was flying around and relocating itself.   So what if half the classes are held in demountables and the middle of school just got flattened.

dare to dream

And lastly a poignant one, here is the shadow of a survivor tree cast where there was once a tree.  Location, Mitchell Park, where many an Anzac Parade day takes place.

spirit of lost treeI am sure there will be many more ironies to observe.  Another one which I haven’t photographed is the making of  people who were once acquaintances into close friends, who will soon be parted.  It is now so sad to see so many people go when they have been so kind and supportive in the recovery process.  However, like this tree, they will cast their caring shadow behind them on all those they have connected with in their lives here.  Compassion’s seedlings will grow, if people want them to, into a forest of resilience.

(c) June Perkins, words and images. All rights reserved.


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