New Horizons

So exciting things are on the horizon for this blogger! Watch this space for announcements as I enter the realms of more guest blogging in other spaces. I will be writing more about my area for those of you who have been following my yasi story, and branching out to embrace stories of North Queensland. Now I move into the realm of ‘recovery and resilience’ and becoming a community storyteller. More to be revealed in the coming month. I won’t be abandoning my own blog of course, but continue telling my stories here as well.

So where did it all begin. This blog began as a letter home to families and friends about life in the north, and has taken on a life of its own. It has traced my online trekking and making new contacts in the cyberspace, and it has charted my growing passion for photography and reflection on education.

Now my interests are firmly multimedia, and working across art forms of writing, photography, songwriting and storytelling. I feel I am heading in the direction I have always meant to, but I do hope at some point some financial renumeration might be in store as I don’t want to end up and impoverished writer living on the breadline. My dear hubby makes sure that I keep above board and the family can make it through this time. They are my main sponsors in life, God love them!

Sadly everything has blown up this week though. Demolition city! The tv blew up, our computer blew up, my camera blew up (and we all know how tragic that is when you love photography), our amp is in for replacement and repairs, and a pair of favourite sandals gave up life! So it will be time for repairs., renewal and a visit to the shops. No we are not insured, but I think sometime in the next two weeks we will be.

On the bright side, no television means silence to work and read in, and less time wasting. I could do without television I think, besides we can do a lot on line with the remaining computer – please don’t blow up computer.

I have found some blog quests for myself:

1- Continue writing Haiku for Japan and find a way to send them there.

2- Find out about ebooking and ereaders and share this quest!

3- Work on some manuscripts/ebooks for release early next year

4- Begin to master the short story art form

I also have a large white board and notice board to begin the long job of reorganising my workspace and office.

Someone jokingly said to me that I might end up with white boards all over the house. That could be true, but I will try and contain my energy in just one,

My motto for this month — simplify, focus, achieve…

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved


One thought on “New Horizons

  1. June, how exciting that you have these new opportunities arising! Will be interested to see what develops for you. Simplify, focus, achieve…good words to guide and inspire you on your journey.

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