Healing Via the Garden

Unity's Garden

I am thinking about why I called this website Unity’s Garden.

I know some of my most central writing and photographic themes are unity, harmony, nature and tropical gardens.

I have developed a  strong love of plants and birds that was not with me in childhood, despite my mother always loving and nurturing her garden and giving us delicious raspberries, banana passionfruit, corn and beans.

It is probably time I joined the local gardening club, and went on nature walks with naturalists.  It is time to start a herb garden and put out nectar for the butterflies on little plates.

Is it ever too late to start developing knowledge of anything? I like to think not.  How about you?

The things I love most about gardens are:

1.  The potential diversity of flowers.

2. The reflection of the identity of the originator of the garden.

3. The wildlife a good garden attracts.

4. The reminder of the story The Secret Garden a magic healing garden.

5. The way what you can photograph changes with the weather- droplets on hibiscus, morning light, evening light, . particular bugs on particular plants.

6. The musicality of many botanical names.

7.  The bugs and butterflies who love them.

8. Collecting flowers with my daughter, taking care to not damage the budding ones.

9. Meditation and contemplation spots like garden seats.

10.  They inspire writing, dreaming, sleeping and waking.


(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Healing Via the Garden

  1. Lovely to hear from you Tammy, have been so busy. I think Garden Club might be on the agenda too. I hear they do lots of plant swaps! I have planted butterfly attracting plants in my garden too!

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