Birds and storms

Butterflies, and birds that usually hide in the rainforest of bush seem to appear when there are cyclones and storms looming. Have you noticed this?

I’ve observed this.  Some people think it’s because they are clever and trying to find somewhere safe.

We had large flocks of Ulysses Butterflies after Cyclone Larry.   We seem to see them before and after thunderstorms as well.

Today I noticed a bird I had not seen before in the garden.  I didn’t have a chance to photograph it.  It was a yellow-green colour and the size of a sunbird.  I will check my bird book to try to identify it.  I wondered if it was escaping from a storm.

Our sunbirds have stopped nesting at the back.  Their nest waits for them to return and add to it again.  Hopefully the wagtails won’t smash it to bits.  They did that with the last nest in our yard.

I was really happy with the above photograph of my beloved sunbirds feeding in the trees.  I was actually following around a Cairns Wing Butterfly when the opportunity to photograph this presented itself.  I still want to work on the wings-  sometimes the blur is effective and other time it would be good to have a clear and sharp focus.

(c) Words and Images, June Perkins


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