Guardians of our Pets


Animals floating in the QLDs’ flood, stock and chickens, those images are so powerful. But there are so many animals sheltering and escaping.

This bedraggled kookaburra I captured one day in several days of rain up here in the North of QLD tells the story of all those other animals, both domestic and wild. Whilst people are the priority at present so many people are taking their pets with them, caring for them, and attached to and worried for them.

My son always brings his guinea pigs upstairs in thunderstorms – he thinks of them first. To all those pets affected by the storm, and all those native animals and others out there, hope you too find nature settles down a bit soon.

Well done to all those who helped with evacuation at the RSPCAs and I hope all the people, especially children who could, have their beloved pets with them.

(c) all words and images June Perkins.


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