Rotations of Risk in Rehearsal

writers of out of box theatre
Writers of Out of the Box

Finally all of the writers were in one garage. We were seeing the script come to life in the able hands of the actors who had done some work to make it feasible for them as a stage piece.

become a dentist?
‘You can be a dentist?’- Actors in Rehearsal

The most engaging aspect of the rehearsal was seeing how the boxes were used. They were easily and quickly transformed to become mountain, dentist chair, taxi – and it was fun to watch the performers go through their paces, altering the world before us in the time it takes to stack boxes. It will be worth watching what our workshoppers do with the same set of boxes (they used to be used on prawn trawlers), they are as versatile as Owen hoped. A warm orange colour against the black backdrop they fire up the actors and the script. Now a script exploring a theme has to walk a fine line between the thematic concerns and working in performance. An audience wants to work out what to think themselves, but at the same time a social discourse theatre wants them to see several aspects of the theme.

Rehearsing risk script
‘You can be an astronaut?- Actors in Rehearsal’

I don’t want to say too much more- and let too much out of the box. We run the workshop this weekend at Yungaburra Festival. Looking forward to the whole event! Maybe I will see some of my blog readers there. It really is a festival time of year. It will be my first time at Yungaburra, and I do hope there is a let up in the RAIN!!!


(c) all rights reserved words and images June Perkins


6 thoughts on “Rotations of Risk in Rehearsal

  1. Looks really interesting June! Should have planned to come to the festival, but the (now cancelled) Art Auction was on, so didn’t plan to, and now we have family coming through tomorrow…hope it doesn’t rain too much!

  2. There’s always next year (: It is fun spending time with family
    all mine are coming to the festival, and the kids are going
    to some of the guitar workshops.

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