Heading to Fruition

Botanical mangrovesExperiments in digital play- working with mangroves

Life has been so busy and attention to my blogging posts has had to take a backseat, but here I am back at the blog thinking what should I share so MUCH has been happening.

So October-December is when many plans come to fruition. The cyberskilling workshop for Tropical Writer’s Festival is all planned, just have to prepare my images and practice the talk  out loud. Crucial to time these things!

The collaborative/ play workshop creation of PhoenX is happening as well in October. Will be interesting to see how this experiment works out at the Yungaburra festival. Working on drama is different from other forms of writing, apart from film, as the actors take a piece and transform it. This project was even more so, as we prepared research and scenes which were then transformed by a process of thematic fusion.  It’s difficult to describe so I will probably interview Owen for the blog, as this brainchild of his is best explained in his words.

As for personal projects a book is off being considered at a publishers – I am waiting for them to get back to me, and thinking about where else to send it, and receive support for it. It’s the story of Fred Murray and I have researched it and written it up into a book for illustration. I’ve also drafted a series of books of poetry for parents, children and teachers, for sharing all I learnt when I took workshops in schools and the writing that resulted from that time, as well as a few pieces in response to parenting situations like grumpy children who don’t want to take their shoes off before bed!

My novel which I started in Nanowrimo is waiting for me over the summer. I have begun research for it, and unpacking my first unplanned draft, but it is a challenge to find time for my own writing, at least for a few more weeks,  as our writing group finishes an anthology we are to publish.

It’s almost proofing and printing time, and at present working on the launch and publicity plans.  It’s been a big learning curve to be a book maker, but I am enjoying it with all its challenges and moments of reward!

In terms of images I have been doing lots of experiments with black and white.  Not ready to share any here yet, they are going to feature in my book of poetry for kids, which Paulien Bats is illustrating.

Despite all the busyness  I still stop and have a good old sing!  I’ve written a new song, which I love, and hope others will too.  I am going to sing it at the launch if it’s ready.

I’ve been on school holidays with the kids and I’ve written about that mostly on my Pearlz Dreaming blog. You can also find out about our wonderful new pets, two cute guinea pigs who are the best pets ever! And as for next year, definitely making more time to write as I have several ideas and will have finished many of these projects.

Somewhere amongst all of this also supposed to organise to exhibit some photographs.  I think I need a 28 hour day!  As for reading I have a stack of books from the library on writing, grammer and authors.  I might even review some of them at some stage!

Cover of the anthology

(c) Sal Badcock on cover all rights reserved.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved, words and images.


6 thoughts on “Heading to Fruition

  1. This is beautiful to read June, and so INSPIRING!!!
    Keep it up… it is wonderful what you manage and choose to do with all your talent and your time. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Good to hear from you. Great that you are involved with the Yungaburra festival. That is something that I would have like to be more involved in when we were living in FNQ. The only memory I have of it is going to some of the events with four children under 10. I ended up feeling really frustrated that I couldn’t go to events I wanted to and the children were grumpy that they had to tag along. However I do remember there was some great stuff happening there.

    Hope your projects work out!

    1. Yes, I love the work, but hoping to also generate more income. So much is done for the love of it, would love the art at least to become self funding and then go from there. The photoshop love me, always in to print my proofs!

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