Early Bird Photos

bird life1a
Early Bird Photo 1 (c) all rights reserved June Perkins

So my journey to take bird photos begins. I have purchased a new lens; it was on super special, so I went ahead and bought it!

I have now begun to learn more about birds (reading the magazines in the library) and how to take pictures of them.

Last week I read up on sunbirds and found out they do not like making their nests all the time. If they build one well they will return to it again and again. They bind the twigs and leaves together with cobwebs. Well done spiders for supplying such excellent binding material. I had the bounty of watching a sunbird nest. I was able to get close enough to take photos with my non telescopic lens, but it’s better now I can be further away. I am looking forward to the nesting episodes!!

It is amazing how quickly they flee when people, and dogs are around. Not that we have a dog, but the other day in a small town up the road I walked down the street with my kids from their music lesson; it was pandemonium. Dog after dog at each house; they all barked like an alarm bell to say ‘do not let the human take ANY bird pictures!’.

First lesson, go into actual nature, not a small country town riddled with hounds of the baskervilles to take pictures.

Now I have also realised its time to pull out the bird sites/books and identify birds I don’t know but which my lens captures. This is certainly going to be educational. If you know the above bird let me know ! I am actually not sure what it is, but he or she does look very sweet!

This one was not taken at the busy small town with overactive pooches, but sitting on my front porch, quietly focusing on its tree. As for the eagle in the kauri pines out the back of my house, that is certainly my next project and it might take a lot of afternoon tree gazing!

Second lesson, bird pictures take persistance and patience.

I wrote a poem a couple of years ago, now being published entitled –The Grumpy Fisherman, I am reading it at the launch of the Tropical Writer’s Anthology in a week- must practice. Now I am thinking of a new poem, The Grumpy Photographer, all about my bird watching/photographing expeditions, which will I suspect not be into too many human neighbourhoods!

(c) June Perkins all rights reserved.


13 thoughts on “Early Bird Photos

  1. yes, it has been wonderful- so much to learn about the new lens but loving taking bird and sky pictures and it does interesting things with movement pictures from a distance too!! hi Fran and Steph!

    1. wow, this morning was amazing, but early morning bird pics make the silouettes on the sky – lovely but not clear, it all does indeed make me sigh with happiness. Loving my new lens!

  2. Great picture, so sharp and clear. ‘Fraid I can’t identify the little bird, but he’s a cutie. Plump little thing, too. He must be getting plenty to eat.


    1. I am a photography tragic – love it, love it, people stop me to say what have you been taking photos of, what do you see when you stop I am trying to work it out? I have them intrigued, well it is a small town!!!

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