In Search of Signature Style

A signature style is the calling card of every writer/artist.  It allows you to know that person’s work in an instant.  I have been working extremely to refine a signature style that is arty, poetic, ranging from the abstract to the real -inspired by the real and striving for a mystical understanding of the real. It has been a time where I have found myself in the flow of images  and words and witnessed a  river of dialogue between those words and images.

Here are two examples of new work- shown in a small resolution here.  The rest will be at my exhibitions to come.  I do so look forward to people’s responses to the work when it is presented as a whole.  Furthermore I search for realist images that inspire in my local environment and move between the real and dreamy.

memory land

hiding in the orchids poster(c) June Perkins, words and images, all rights reserved


11 thoughts on “In Search of Signature Style

  1. from what i can see the images look fascinating – but flickr says they are private so i can’t read them. i can’t wait to hear how the exhibitions go -do keep us updated.

  2. Fantastic images, Pearl. I’m eager to see more and in full size. I love the wording on the both, but the top image is in my humble opinion, classical.

    Jill, I was able to read Junes’s wording by hitting my Ctrl + and making the page bigger on my external monitor. Try that, it may work for you, too. Guess, it’ll depend on what size monitor you have…mine is 21 inch.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Jill, Vi & Lori, yes I am being a bit more careful about resolution and access to images just to protect them more. These are deliberately a sneak peek and a small size but I can maybe invite you ladies to a smaller online viewing by invitation only (: – I keep pushing the element and the top one was really extending what I am able to do technically to transform images so I am really glad you liked it Vi. I have to print it – to see how it comes out off screen, the bottom image is an earlier work and looks good in series I think …

  4. These are exquisite, June! I know what you mean about maintaining your ability to control your work. I am in the process of working on my vacation photos. I think I’ll be making my travel blog by invitation only. When is your exhibition? I know deep down in my heart that it will be spectacular!

  5. Good idea, I might make an invitation only viewing of the exhibition and invite you and Vi and Jill along – how about that, and put up some pics of the friends etc. Thanks for your visits and your travel blog sounds like it will be fascinating, would love an invite.

  6. Thank you, Pearlz, that would be delightful. I say again, those images are fabulously exquisite. How’s that for an overuse of adjectives, but your images call for it.


  7. your work, your styles, June (can’t be limited to just one style!) – always fresh, always inviting one to sit & linger, be still long enough to think, perchance to dream…the world would be a better place if we quit rushing and multitasking and just allowed ourselves to dream again…your work reminds us

  8. I know who to get to write on the back of my books *smile* thanks for your encouraging words and ongoing support and I will certainly make a little space for you to experience the exhibition as you all live so far away (:

  9. I really enjoyed this post on style development as I think it’s universally applicable to those outside the art world as well. Both of the images are beautiful but I have to say given my limited knowledge of your work, if I say the second one, I’d say “that’s June’s.” Obviously you’re getting the style down well.

  10. Thanks Tammy, yes quite a few people like the second one, with the experiments some work, some dont, and interestingly some look better on screen than printed, or better printed that on screen.

    The Hiding in the Orchids looks like it needs to be printed really large for best effect too I have been playing around with prints of it.

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