The Muse is Working overtime

dreaming cane5
'Cane Dreaming' (c) June Perkins all rights reserved, working on a series on this theme.

Sometimes there are days where enough ideas for a decade of art are unleashed.  I figure it’s important to write it all down, so that when the dry spells of creativity set in, there it is the written vision of all the stories, poems, photo collages and so on that I want to do. This is my treasure trove for the future.

Another way to tame the muse when she is going crazy and giving one ideas for poems and photographs in the middle of the night, or super early morning, is to briefly get up, write her whisperings, or shout outs, down and then go back to blissful sleep.  The idea will percolate, enter into one’s dreams and a little reminder is sitting there for a morning writing session.

Now time lines are important at some stage or ideas remain just that IDEAS and the creation of those ideas into real art works, stories, and performances is the work of the artist.  The niggling muse will have a good giggle at keeping artist’s awake and seeing them achieve nothing.

Protecting and nurturing ideas – knowing who to trust to collaborate on an idea, and who will just take your idea and run with it without letting you be part of the process these are also important things to know.  And then there are ideas that the world has simultaneously, because – there time has come.

Think of any ideas like that?

We need to share ideas so many people can focus on making them reality. Ideas empower and passing them on it important, or where would science and many other fields be today.  If only some science research for instance was less competitive, if all the scientists in the world could truly work together and compete less, to achieve their outcomes quicker.

Where does this leave the struggling artist full of ideas and writing and creating for their supper?  Ah I’ll think on that another day………………. for now I am enjoying thinking about my ‘dreaming in the cane’ series. (to be continued)

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved, words and image.


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