Risk – collaborations in theatre

So the last week I have been researching ‘risk’ via on line searches,  some interviews by email and in person with friends, but this week I want to cast a wider net and search statistics on some of the emerging themes and see if I can line up some more interviews and find or take some photographs.

Why am I doing this?  Because I have been commissioned as a writer for street theatre group PhoenX and it’s my homework to develop a contribution to a collaborative group, including Owen Allen the initiator who invited me on board, and actor/writer Liz Hurley – our contribution needs to be something that comes from a reflection on this theme which includes research of a variety of types.  I’ve been scanning news headlines as well, looking at blogs covering the hot topic of ‘are we raising a generation of insulated kids?’ and pro free range parenting movements.

We each picked a topic close to our heart- a different dimension, and then we will combine our pieces.  My topic is cotton wool vs free range parents – the risks we want our children to take to grow and the risks we think will kill them?  Well I put it extremely there but I am setting up some tensions and extremes to explore the topic.  Then I am searching for the sub themes and I have my own set of research questions to do with child rearing and mentoring, danger imagined or real and so on.  I don’t want to reveal too much, we have to keep you the future audience guessing!!

It is so exciting to be involved 1- In collaborative writing,  2- In a venture that is itself a risk  3- Three different age groups, as between the three of us we cover different generations of experience  4- To be paid to write & research something I can feel something about.

We all agree that in this venture we are opening thought and encouraging people to explore issues without dictating what people should feel.  We want a theme that is explored from a number of angles, covering local to global dimensions, but which can really speak to local experience.  I have found it so inspiring to be part of this group.  We are meeting via skype and email at present and collecting our thoughts and research.

The very savvy and enthusiastic Mr Allen gained a radf grant for developing his innovative idea, and now it’s the nitty gritty time of showing what is possible in such collaborations.  More news later!!  I don’t want to let too much out of the box!

This picture expresses how I think children should feel about their future – that it is full of possibility!

believe in the possibility(c) All rights reserved words and image, June Perkins


10 thoughts on “Risk – collaborations in theatre

  1. Hi June,

    Good luck with this exciting project. The photo is beautiful–it would make an amazing poster and your header is lovely!

  2. Thankyou both, I will be developing many posters (: in the future, so
    I appreciate the feedback on any image that appeals. I have made posters in fd flickr toys it is cost efficient printing and where to distribute, making the right network who loves the image. I’ll let you know if I find anyone, or locate some funding for it, if you have any ideas would be pleased to know them.

  3. Oops a bit tired in that reply I mean I have played around with designing posters, but would love to have posters that inspired people, you might remember the series on writing I did, would love to get some posters into libraries around the country, not sure if people really buy posters much anymore, other than teenagers? I need to do more market research (:

  4. Oh, my heart, how it opens in response to all of this! It appears to me that you are part of things of great importance, and I will quite happily help in any way I am equipped…with the response directives you describe as a start!

    The image just above takes me to the islands, where the air is actually tangible, and it too (like the description of your work) makes my chest feel it has opened up…and, at the same time, is surrounded…protected.

    I see a place of safety for childhood play…a place to touch the earth. I would buy this image for my daughter’s room and imagine it as a “friend” for her; and then, I would try even harder to make good on my promise that we will travel to the islands of Hawaii some day soon!!!


  5. Amy, thankyou so much for such helpful feedback, this image is hung framed at the end of my bed, I exhibited it once and the response to it was very positive. The image itself has a dream for its purpose?

    I keep looking for this same empowering image and how to express it in other ways. I do hope you take your daughter to Hawaii as you dream.

  6. Your image is lovely and I’m very excited about the topic that you’re researching. How exciting to have an opportunity to learn and to be creative with that knowledge.

  7. Yes, it is very interesting, this week I am doing some stats research and then trying to line up a few more interviews with people.

    It is challenging but rewarding to find a way to script some of the knowledge and findings without necessarily taking a position or bias, but hoping a pandora’s box for others to think about & hopefully discuss.

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