‘Breaking the Frames’ with Professor Nell Arnold


Stunned silence as we take in all the Professor Nell Arnold has presented us in the second webinar on ‘Breaking The Frames’.  What has struck me the most has been the way in which the internet is not just a place for promotion but also for communication, collaboration, innovation, connection and reinvention.  It is more than a marketing tool and holds so many opportunities for the ethical leader, changemaker, artist who wishes to journey in its cyberspace.

There are so many opportunities for global connection but it is developing and knowing ourselves and our place in the world, and our art that enables these doors to open.

To connect to income and markets we think laterally, we move where our hearts move us and we move beyond dreaming, to creating, playing with our dreams, and putting them out there in a way which will not allow us to be exploited, but to continue dreaming.

Yet, we are grounded our purpose and visioning as artists, could be in relation to caring for animals, environment, and many other things.

Possibilities are endless, understanding of these flows, of history, time, space, where we are now, where we were in the past, and moving with the flow.  Can we be stopped and centred in the flow, but still moving with it?

One of my first collaborative trust artistic partnerships was with a highschool friend Paulien Bats, who illustrated for me.  She responded to my work in a way that made me think she understood it, the way I stopped to pause in the flow.  Together we watched the world move around us and now the tide has taken her back to Holland for many years, but we are still connected in the cybercorridors, that Professor Nell speaks of.  Paulien is illustrating a children’s poetry book for me.  She is busy at work when she has spare time and says its an investment for her and I in the future.  We flow from the past to the present, connecting through our art, and wanting to realise an outcome that we can share with others.  We are so close to finishing!

I cannot wait to see what she has done, and she is herself a frame breaker.  I give her words to see what she will do with images to interpret what I want to say.

It is so easy to work with Paulien- for I absolutely trust her intergrity, and our time will come for our collaborations to reach the global markets, but the challenge for me is to find other collaborators who know where they are going and wish to reach out in partnership to create new pieces, theatre, poetry film, and so much more.  I think that is the biggest challenge for many artists – finding the corridors of trust, that they know will lead to an ocean of possibility.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “‘Breaking the Frames’ with Professor Nell Arnold

  1. Playing with your dreams. What a lovely way of describing what we do when we create. The Internet gives us wonderful opportunities to share our dreams and creations. We must though protect them in every way possible for there are those who would rob us of our creations and in-so-doing crush our dreams.

    Your friend, Ms. Bats, sounds like a true blue friend. The two of you together will, I’m sure, have great great response to your children’s book when it is released. I am a lifetime away from being a child, but I will be sure to purchase a copy when it is released. I have a number of children’s books, mainly those about faeries, elves, and other of the littlest people. When the weight of the real world feels like it has descended on my shoulders, it is amazing how an hour or so in a child’s world can ease the burden.

    I love your image…it personifies freedom.


  2. Thanks so much Vi, you will be on our mailing list. She is indeed a true friend, more like a sister, and she does the most amazing art.

    There is so much to do at the moment, but today a took some time out and enjoyed the beach – and took some photographs – of rocks, sky and logs that looked like crocodile tales. The light was so bright!

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