Writing Workshop

This post from my Pearlz Dreaming archives, is about a workshop to create works for the Licuala Writer’s first anthology.

We went to Dundee Park for a writing workshop adventure.  The idea was to walk, take in the environment, reflect on it, and to share some of our favourite pieces of writing and why we enjoyed them.

This journey was to seek inspiration from that we know and observe.  This is what happened with my camera journey.

I paused to photograph this bug entrapped in a web.


I wanted to capture the lillies in the tropical lake/pond.   I took heaps of pictures of the lake,  which reminded me of a piece I’ve been working on imagining Claude Monet living up here, and looking for painting subjects.


Here’s the skull cave a previous owner put on the property- amazing what people’s fascinations will make them do.  It’s a concrete structure,  the current owner told me there used to be a white horse as well.  The builder of the skull cave was a phantom fan and so he made his own skull cave for the property.

sunbird and dundee park 034

Here are two of my writing friends having some shade under and umbrella – there were lots of shady trees as well.  I love this photograph of writing comrades.  It makes me think of the Wordsworths, Dorothy and William going off for walks looking for inspiration.


Here’s another dear friend,  local artist Sal Moroney, who having taken in favourite works, and the environment, is busy writing a poem.  We took some quiet time each alone to create something if we felt inspired and she made great use of it.


I wrote this the day after the workshop from a few scattered notes I wrote on site.

The reflections of the lilies in the water are
mesmerizing and taking me
away from every other sense but the visual

Looking through the eyes of the skull
cave I feel like I’m in the belly
of someone’s half-finished dream.

Can’t see that white horse, she’s long
gone to the land horses dream of
but speaking of her makes her present

and one writer sees a concert with a band in
that skull cave and a lake of people listening
in the dug out ground for the planned lake

and another writer says there’s bigger aviaries
than that one, and they’re still operating, and it’s kind of
sad to see enclosures for birds when they could be free

We’re discussing translation and how it changes things
and translating landscapes and what they mean to
the heart and soul can be just as tricky as language
to language.

My sons take their guitars everywhere
and Classical Gas tune winds its way through
the Dundee park and eldest plays in the eyes of the
skull cave but its day so no bats arrive,

And down at the lake where the crocodiles once
roamed two other writers are discussing the role
of crocodiles and trips down rivers with her husband
who know all about them to help her write children’s books.

We roam, sit on couches inside to share passages
from texts like Abrams, Hopkins, Coleridge
and I am reminded of how much I like Emily Dickinson
and think on her butterfly poem
I should ‘ve bought some
of her verse along

But there is much to digest, including banana cake made
by my beloved, who’s sharing his love of fantasy books
how much I love the strong female character in the book he has chosen.

My daughter is enjoying seeing her friend, a one year old of my friend
and capturing images of mother and child as they participate
in proceedings.

A family afternoon, of nature, dreaming, writing
and watching writers take time to put pen to paper out under the trees,

and one creates her work and shares it so humbly
not convinced she has it the way she wants
but in it is the spirit of the day
and it’s just what you want from a writing workshop
the emerging of pieces to fly away like butterflies into books
and lives….and spoken of the unspoken within.

Next post – our favourite writers were…

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved. words and images.


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