Flickr Friend’s Testimonial

livhouse, the paronomeister™ says:

“This is one very special person – despite being several years my junior she is helping me to grow up, by retrieving things from my childhood she can’t have known about except in a universal sense.

What June knows is not limited by accident of birth – either as regards circumstance or timing. She knows lots of little truths and some very big truths too. Maybe it’s faith, maybe it’s instinct, maybe it’s a mixture of those. I have reason to think there are other ways of learning the same truths. Whichever of those, or whichever combination, that matters less than the knowledge itself. And she knows.

Of course what I’ll say next isn’t physically possible, but can I say: I might be a bit of a rough lad sometimes, but I couldn’t be galdder to know this lady if she were my own mum.”

16th January, 2007


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