Childhood Leaf

Childhood Leaf

Image: Childhood Leaf

Taking a leaf from childhood’s book

Leaves sand to irritate my eyes.

Crayon leaf rubbing

Preserves textures of my childhood smiles.

Musing grown woman reaches back

To pull away the rose coloured glasses.

Salty wind is blowing

Bob Dylan’s questions into every grain of memory.

Childhood questions adulthood

Beckons me back to the crunchiness of walking on the leaves.

Adult takes the child by the hand comforting her by saying

You can turn over a new leaf.

(c) June Perkins, all rights reserved words and image


4 thoughts on “Childhood Leaf

  1. I love your beginning, June. May I add a short story: My late husband was taken as a child of eight to Vancouver at the season when leaves crunched underfoot in Sydney and where the dull of autumn rains fell in a strange land– your poem took me back to his voice. Fran

  2. I am so happy the poem took you back to the voice of your late husband.
    It is a powerful thing when words communicate something to people’s memories
    and the poet can never know what ripples and memories precisely they will evoke.
    Thankyou for sharing your story.

  3. What a very beautiful and evokative piece, June. I’m from a land of cruchy autumn leaves – the poem made me laugh at the memories it brought back for me – thank you

  4. Ah crunchy leaves, I wonder how many children have stopped to taste them! And then depending on their personality spat them out, or kept on chewing (: Thanks for your visit Diane and I hope to hear from you again the blogging space.

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