To Experience the Garden

  1. READ: Look at the sample pictures and words.
  2. RESPOND: Leave your response(Really think about your feedback, what does a picture, poem sample make you feel, and why – why did you stop to view it- I would love to know.)
  3. WHY BUY: Which ones would you buy if they were for sale and why?  If you want to leave an pre-order/request please do.  Buying is supporting me to continue my work, projects and this blog.  This is my market research, any feedback appreciated.
  4. ACTION: Support an ideal through your own actions,  maybe develop a project big or small, with others or by yourself (but reaching out to others). Let me know about it!
  5. SUPPORT A PROJECT: To support any of the projects I am working on make a donation or buy a product when my shop is set up. Soon I’ll be setting up paypal and you can contribute to any of these that you like.   Some are community oriented and others are for my own development as an artist.

So there you have it, that’s how to engage with this blog.   Read, view, reflect, respond, action, support and then repeat – and the author will truly appreciate your efforts!

You can  no longer view my old blogs, kept 2006- 2010 – but I will publish samples here.




  1. This is looking really good … you have created a space which is easy to navigate, always a plus in my book, and attractive. I particularly like the above ^ – an excellent introduction to your site. Nice work 🙂

  2. Yes, I think as artists Jill we all want a real response, something which lets us know people understand or relate to what we are saying. Inspiring others through words, image and action, mostly we never know if we do that, but to hear that maybe we have, what a gift, the gift of the reader and viewer.

  3. I am glad its easy to use, I appreciate that feedback and would listen if it was too complex to use. I have been getting tips from another collaborator on another project – it’s all about simplifying complexity. Owen are you going to set up as PhoenX project category or blog on yours (: I will feature it here under projects.

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