Portrait of a Musician


Lately I’ve been taking photographs of Musicians.  You can view this portfolio here.

Portraits of a Musician

A big thankyou to local musician Melinda for being my model for this work.  Melinda may give me some quotes from her beautiful songs to put with this later, but for now some general quotes from music give the idea of what kinds of things I’d like to produce for song writers and musicians looking for a photographer.

I posted a story on the day I took photographs as my Pearlz Dreaming Blog

A Day with a Song Writer

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Writing Visually: Writing Sagas 14

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This morning I began working on words to go with some of my collage art and the picture that accompanies this post was inspired by some time spent with one of my friends at the beach with her sons.  

I find this way of working is a good way to keep my creativity agile when I have a lot of things to do, but want to keep writing something.

It works so differently than when I write without an image in front of me.

This link to Visual Writing Visual Editions – is now inspiring me to move my collages into video and to think about text moving in three dimensions.  So much to explore!  Ah well, one step at a time.  I have purchased a cheap video editing program, until I can afford another one- and will test all it’s limits.

I spent some time with Suzie…

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Creating across art forms: Writing Sagas 12

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Flying the Ripples – June Perkins

So this week’s writing sagas is a day late, and the reasons, I’ve been busy working in other art forms and this week my youngest was very ill and I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep.

Today I reflect on how the various forms of art ripple in my everyday life.

I’ve been creating some collages, like the one above, to make into posters and cards to sell and fund raise for other projects.

When I make these I enter a zone – to find the combinations that work, as I want them to have a simplicity to them that invites you in, to dream and see the possible, but they have to have something intriguing you can think about as well.

I’ve just had the wonderful news that many of my photographs of Queensland are to be featured in a writer’s anthology…

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Inwardly Traveling

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I travel inwardly
as well as outwardly
looking for stories to
change someone’s future outlook

& for words that
hang together the delicate
& uplifting

The golden light perches on the cane
& our pet Mynah bird listens
& repeats all the bird song he hears

& then calls to me to have a conversation
about the inward & the outward
ways he sees my world

Looking at our family pull
in & out of the driveway

or my daughter shooting arrows
into cane

I wonder if he would like to fly free
& yet remember that he always
comes back to us
because we are his flock

& that most people would shoot
him because he is a pest

But to us he is our song bird
a feathered family member
calling us to sunrise
calling us to dream

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Letting the Genie out of the Bottle: Saturday Writing Sagas 10

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Looking for the Genie – June Perkins

So finally I’m commencing a novel.  I want it to be like letting a genie out of a magic bottle.

However, I don’t want to resort to a misuse of magic in all my plot turns; there is still a need for good set ups and lead in and I would like some originality. This is where I can learn a great deal from ‘arm chair critics’, or ‘ readers.’

Lately my whole family, the arm chair critics I know best, have been having trouble with some of the writing on television. We see brilliant concepts in shows like Doctor Who and Once Upon a Time - the season beginnings and finales of both these shows have been extremely well written.

However, the journey to reach these finales this season has had a litany of poor writing. One of the major gripes…

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Serendipity: Miracle Monday 3

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A basket – taken by June Perkins made by a friend

There are times when fate seems to be aligning all the planets and bringing brilliance our way – Serendipity!

“The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.”

But is it our 0wn effort, and striving  that leads to these discoveries and events even though they may  seem to be accidental?

A few days ago someone ask me how my husband and I met.

We met after a conference we had both been at in Sydney, New South Wales, but never crossed paths at. He was to be the driver of a team of youth to drive around Country Victoria (Australia) to work on projects to help other youth and visit people in country areas.  I was looking for him on my arrival there.

The first words I ever said to him were ‘So you’re the one,’ meaning of…

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Which is truer – Fact or Fiction – in search of the authentic writing self – Saturday Writing Sagas 9

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Culture Smile

Culture Smile – By June Perkins

I choose to speak in riddles.

The first time I wrote this post it had more overtly personal  family stories in it, yet I backed away and thought I can’t write that post yet because I am grappling with a deeper question.

Which is truer, fact or fiction?

I have responsibilities to those I am going to write of, or be inspired to write characters for.

Do you remember the first time you learnt that history might be biased in the telling, that history told from the ‘victors’ point of view will usually portray them without critique? Growing up none of us wanted to be native Americans in cow boys and Indians, because they always died. That was the story around when I was a child.

Do you remember the first time you learnt of the enforced silences of cultures, women, countries, the disadvantaged…

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Empowerment of Women: Miracle Monday 2

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Women center in Sharga

Umaid- Flickr Creative Commons – Photo by Albert González Farran


Women – when strengthened can do so much.  There  are miracles I see in my mother’s life and my own and in the global world of women that bear testament to this.

When my mother was a child, she was the caretaker of the pigs.  She had to feed them and fatten them up for the village and then let go.  But she was destined to leave her village in Papua New Guinea for a very different future life journey, first to go to a mission school, and then to do nursing, and finally to move to Australia with her Australian husband and here have many occupations and three children.  I didn’t grow up to be a caretaker of the pigs.

This is an historical miracle, in the sense that my dear parents chose not to see colour, background…

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Stillness, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Abstract Art: Saturday Writing Sagas 8

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He asked me, ‘What do you think of abstract art?’

I replied, ‘I don’t have a background in art. I’m a storyteller. But I do like to photograph patterns in nature – ripples in water, how nature becomes abstracted art’

I was thinking how much art fascinates me, and yet I don’t know all it’s history.  I don’t feel equipped to comment about art as if I’m an historian or art specialist/expert. Yet I can comment about it from my heart, from a meditation with the art piece, that is by being with it in a state of grace and seeing what it speaks to me.

What’s this have to do with my writing journey?

This week has been a time to connect with artists in other art forms, such as Alesa Lajana, a song writer, currently learning about weaving , Doris Kinjun, local elder and weaver,  Lyn Marshall

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